Panel Filter Housings

two stage panel filter housing-01-01


Standard construction is of welded carbon steel, coated with an industrial enamel finish, providing strength and durability. Panel filter housings are also available with stainless steel  construction for additional strength and durability.

Sidco Filter housings may be modified or customized to meet your specific requirements.


  • Weather hoods for outdoor protection
  • Internal noise silencing
  • Support legs
  • Differential pressure gauges and taps


  • Connection sizes starting at 10″ and up
  • Flow rates up to 60,000 SCFM
  • Protects centrifugal fans, compressors, blowers and turbines
  • For indoor and outdoor service by eliminating particulates from the air stream
  • F-NPT ∆P taps are standard


Panel filters are constructed with a low pressure drop and high efficiency rating, working with 98% efficiency for 10µ particles and larger. Polyester media is both cleanable and replaceable. Frames are constructed of heavy duty galvanized steel, and filled with high strength adhesive to hold media to the frame.

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Chart indicates sample dimension only. Add 13.00” to the width and length for weather hoods. If double, add 26.00”.

Sizing may be subject to change without notice. Please contact our engineering department for more information. 

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