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Custom Filters 


Sidco Filter can make a custom filter for you based on your specifications.  Applications for Sidco custom filters can be found in some of the following areas...

Air intake filters for:

• air compressors
• blowers
• sewage treatment aerators
• pneumatic conveyors
• turbines
• stationary engines (large)
• gas compressors
• inline filters


Vent filters for:

• storage tanks for liquids and solids
• hydraulic reservoirs
• coalescing filters/mist elimination
• vacuum pump exhaust

chemical process systems for:

• refineries
• gas pipeline equipment
• material handling
• safety/backup filters

In order to assist you with your custom filter application we will need the following information:

Custom Filters

• ID - inside diameter
• OD - outside diameter
• OH - overall height
• number of fins

• application filter used in

• filter end construction (ie: molded/metal end cap)

• type of media

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