Pressure Vessels Housings

Pressure vessel housings from Sidco Filter. 780, 781, 782, 789 Pressure vessel housings for industrial air & gas filtration. Built to ASME code.


Sidco pressure vessel housings are designed and constructed to ASME code. They are built with connections in a horizontal in-line configuration, providing easy access to service areas without breaking pipe connections. Pressure vessel housings are manufactured of welded carbon steel, coated with an industrial enamel finish, and, are also available with stainless steel construction for additional strength and durability.
Sidco Filter housings may be modified or customized to meet your specific requirements.


  • 780 series uses swing bolt closure with o-ring seal
  • 781 series uses standard 150# ANSI blind flange closure
  • 782 Series uses standard 300# ANSI blind flange closure
  • 789 Series uses swing bolt closure with o-ring seal
  • Optional legs, davits, and gauge taps are available


  • Sizes of 1″ to 12″ are available
  • Male NPT(MT) or plate flanges(FF) are standard
  • Flanges match diameter and drilling for 150# ANSI
  • Optional connections available: Right angle base for side mounts (AF), female NPT (FT), bevel (BV), and plain cut (PE)


Pressure vessel housing housings provide effective filtering for air and gas systems, removing by-product particulate, pipe scale or other air/gas contaminants.

  • Flow rates up to 70,000 SCFM
  • Low pressure drop and low energy loss


Standard filters are manufactured with our #5 polyester felt, providing efficiency of 98% of all particles of 10ยต and larger.

  • Replaceable, cleanable filters with radial fin design
  • Minimum pressure drop
  • Maximum filter area and dirt holding capacity

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