• Molded end filters
    Here at Sidco

    Sidco filter is your filter manufacturer.
    We manufacture industrial filter elements and filter housings for air and gas applications. We specialize in common brand filter replacements, but, we can also custom design filters to fit your specifications.

  • Panel Filters
    Open Distribution

    Are you a distributor looking for an industrial filter manufacturer?
    Sidco Filter Company is now accepting new distributors in the United States and Canada. Contact a Sidco team member to become a Sidco Filter distributor today!

  • Sewn end filters
    Designed for Durability

    At Sidco Filter, we take great satisfaction in providing our customers with high-quality industrial filter replacements. Filter replacements and filter housings are made to order in our facility, by our experienced staff. Sidco filter replacements are always designed to meet your specifications and exceed your expectations.