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Our polyurethane molded end filters are build to meet or exceed OEM specs, or custom designed to your needs.
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About Molded End Filters

Molded end filters are a cylindrical cartridge filter, designed to improve filtration and extend the service intervals of your industrial filter elements by trapping particles without much restriction of the air flow. They are available in a tremendous variety of configurations but are most commonly constructed from layers of pleated filter media and carbon steel inner and outer cores for durability. The self-sealing polyurethane end seal acts as a gasket against the seal plates of your filter housing.

Our high-performing polyurethane allows us to replace the metal end cap with a molded end while enhancing performance. Sidco Filter has developed a special-formula polyurethane that is more rigid than others and does not have any additional fillers, foam, or air. Our urethane provides a better seal and a more durable filter.

Most molded end filter elements extend the life of industrial equipment by regulating airflow, trapping particulate, absorbing moisture, and preventing contaminants from progressing downstream. Other molded end filters clean air or gas streams by effectively removing fine dust particles from 0.3 micron to 200 micron. Pleated medias increase the filter area, allowing low pressure drop and high particle-holding capacity. Depending on the media used, a molded end filter can be effective in removing up to 98% of dust and contaminants from air or gas.

Molded end filters are also often referred to as; Molded Ends, Molded Radial End Seals, Radial Fin Filters, or Air Intake Filters.

Industrial molded end filter elements from Sidco Filter to replace shawndra sparks, Airmaze, Consler Graver, Dollinger, Endustra, Filter Engineering, Gardener Denver, IFM, Ingersoll Rand, NAFCO, Royal, Solberg, Stoddard, Sunshine, and Universal filter elements.

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Molded end filters are used across industries and in a wide variety of applications.

Some applications filter large airborne particles, such as lint. Others clean air and gas streams, regulate air flow or trap moisture.

Molded end filters are typically found in engines, fan and blower inlets, axial compressors, turbines, pre-filter in multistage centrifugal compressor inlets.


  • Built to OEM or custom specifications.
  • Designed for more efficient performance than OEM molded end filters.
  • Compatible with your original equipment.
  • Most media options are washable at the job site.
  • Made in the USA, with high-quality, domestically sourced materials.
  • Constructed with heavy-duty materials for durability.


  • Media– 5µ polyester felt, 10µ polyester felt, lofted Dacron®, woven fiberglass, Aramid® felt, Nomex®, Dynaglass®, woven nylon, stainless steel mesh, rayon/nylon, stainless steel mesh, stainless steel woven mesh, epoxy coated steel screen, galvanized wire mesh, standard cellulose paper, 80/20 hi flow blend paper, 80/20 nanofiber paper, polyester felt, polypropylene felt, polyester cotton blend, urethane foam, reticulated foam, lofted Dacron®, spun bonded polyester, Nomex®, aramid felt,  fiberglass felt, HEPA, ULPA, and ASHRAE.
  • Endcap– Polyurethane, PVC, white or red silicone, typically double open ends, but can be made with one open end seal and one closed end seal.
  • Cores– Inner and outer cores are made from perforated carbon steel, galvanized expanded steel, or stainless steel options.
  • Media Support– Paper medias are self-supporting and are surrounded by inner and outer cores, made from flattened expanded stainless steel options. Textile media is pleated with a wire mesh media support.
  • Options– Reinforcing rings and lift lugs can be welded to the inner core. Additional gaskets made from neoprene, silicon, or polyester felt can be applied.
  • Unique Features– Some replacement elements are available with flame retardant media, HEPA media, or pre-filter foam wraps.

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