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Sidco provides reverse engineering, prototyping, and design of small to large-volume HEPA Filters for air cleaning markets and critical filter applications.
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HEPA, ULPA, & ASHRAE Filter Manufacturing for OEMs

For more than 20 years, Sidco Filter Company has manufactured filters for dozens of the OEMs you know and trust. We can work with your team to design, prototype, and manufacture the HEPA, ULPA, and ASHRAE filters for your air cleaning filter needs.

You can find our HEPA filters in the following OEM applications:

  • Aircraft Cabin Filtration
  • Cabin Filtration for Passenger Transportation
  • Cleanrooms
  • Dental Equipment
  • Industrial Vacuum Systems
  • Medical Equipment
  • Negative Air Machines
  • Rack Systems
  • Room Air Purification Units
  • Smoke Eaters
  • Surgical Smoke Evacuators
  • Welding Fume Evacuators
  • Ventilated Caging Systems

The Sidco Advantage

Our sales and engineering team utilizes years of experience to work with you on application, design, and pricing for your custom filter needs. 

  • Ability to reverse engineer or assist with design and engineering in conjunction with your team.
  • Key supplier relationships to assist with sourcing and pricing of crucial components.
  • A wide variety of medias are available for critical applications.
  • Testing, rapid prototyping, and samples are available.
  • The timeline of the design process from concept to sample is weeks, not months!

Manufacturing Capabilities

Sidco has a variety of capabilities to manufacture for OEMs. We use top-of-the-line pleating technology. Contract pleating for OEMs is also available!

Media Capabilities:

  • A variety of HEPA, ULPA, and ASHRAE medias are available
  • Pleat depths range from 0.625″ to 6.0″.
  • Pleated with glue beads for even spacing and to maintain structural integrity.
  • Fully encapsulated to create a tight seal.
  • Sealed on all sides of panel frames to prevent bypass.
  • Also available with spun-bond medias, a variety of non-woven medias, and carbon options.

Our HEPA Panel Filters are available in:

  • Variety of frames including Aluminum, Chipboard, Injection-molded, Plastic, and Steel.
  • Custom sizes are available, and capabilities include up to 6.0″ deep.
  • Gasket options available.

    Industries & Applications


    Aircraft Cabin Filtration

    Air Cleaning

    Cabin Air Filtration

    Dental Equipment

    Health Care

    Industrial Vacuum Systems

    Medical Equipment

    Fume Evacuators

    Room Air Purification


    Welding Fumes & Smoke Collection

    Customer Stories: HEPA Manufacturing for OEMs

    HEPA Filter for Room Air Purifiers

    Industry: Air Cleaning
    Application: Room Air Purification Units

    crimped wire mesh filter media for industrial filters and filter replacements from Sidco Filter Corporation

    Vacuum Filter for Dental Equipment

    Industry: Healthcare
    Application: Dental Equipment


    detail of perforated carbon steel inner core for industrial filters and filter replacements from Sidco Filter Corporation

    Cabin Air Filter for Mass Transit

    Industry: Transportation
    Application: Cabin Air Filtration


    Industrial filter elements and filter replacements made in America by Sidco Filter Corporation

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