5 Ways to Increase Your Sales in the Filtration Market

by Mar 15, 2021Sales Resources

helping your business grow. A strong sales program will increase your filter sales.

5 Ways to Increase Your Sales in the Filtration Market

Our goal at Sidco is to support you in the growth of your filtration sales, increase your margins, and maintain a strong supply chain. Through our conversations with many customers, we realize that we have some tools and knowledge that will help you accomplish these goals!

1. Build your company’s skills and knowledge by scheduling sales training with your vendors. 

Expanding your knowledge will directly impact your bottom line by increasing sales through additional product offerings, solution selling, and technical knowledge. Sidco offers virtual training for all levels of filtration sales personnel from entry-level to expert!

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2. Find new customers.

Utilize Sidco’s in-depth filtration knowledge to help you identify new potential targets and customers. We offer filtration training and collaborative customer calls with our resellers and their customers. We also have a resource toolkit for where to locate filters and filtration customers.

Request your Sidco sales toolkit here!

3. Make sure that you are accessing the right individuals at your customers’ facilities.

There is a difference between the individual installing filters and those handling the purchasing. It is important to access the decision-makers of purchasing in the facilities. Some examples of people to connect with are maintenance manager, production manager, process engineer, supply chain or tool crib manager, purchasing agent, or environmental manager.

Connect with Mark Morrone, Director of Sales, to learn more!

4. Develop a Preventative Maintenance program or schedule with your customers.

Having a re-order schedule reduces downtime and costs. The sales team at Sidco is happy to show you how a good Preventative Maintenance (PM) program works and teach you how to have these conversations with your customers.

Read our 5 Reasons to Have a Preventative Maintenance Program to get started!

5. A reliable supply chain is more important than ever during these challenging economic times.

A reliable supply chain is more important than ever during these challenging economic times. At Sidco, we are looking ahead to give our customers the best price and lead times in the industry. It is important to do a vendor analysis to assure that your other vendors are able to provide you the best of both aspects.

If you are noticing lagging deliveries, inconsistent performance, or spikes in pricing, then it is time for you to look at other supplier options, like Sidco, to secure a strong supply chain for your customers.

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