How to Convert Customers from OEM to Aftermarket

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How to Convert Customers from OEM to Aftermarket

Q&A with Andrea FitzGerald

Throughout my 20+ years in the filtration industry, I have regularly had similar conversations with our distributor partners regarding switching from their OEM suppliers.

Quite often, I hear “my customer is not happy with the quality of their filter”, “my customer would like to save on costs”, or “my customer is tired of waiting on long lead times”. An end-user shows the need or desire to move away from the OEM but is resistant for a variety of reasons.

I would like to share some common objections we hear and how to help you build confidence in providing a Sidco replacement filter element.

Concern: “I’m worried the filter will not fit or perform at the same level as OEM. Could it cause a failure?”

Response: Sidco has manufactured filter replacements for over 23 years – filter replacements are our specialty! We have vetted and confirmed our specifications for all filter replacements in our cross-reference. There may be small differences in aesthetics or construction, but nothing that compromises the performance of the filter. In many cases, the Sidco replacement filter is made of more robust materials and may even outperform the OEM filter.

Sidco brand filters meet, and, many times exceed the OEM specifications. Additionally, if the user needs something a little different than the norm, we can work with them to get exactly what they need.

Concern: “I don’t want to switch from the OEM because what I have is working.” Or, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Response: Performance is important, but if the OEM is increasingly expensive or unreliable with lead time and delivery, it is good business sense to look at other options. How often are your customers missing a change-out cycle because of long lead times? A missed change-out results in reduced performance for end-users and missed sales for you!

We are hearing from many customers that lead times from OEMs and other filter manufacturers are averaging 5-6 weeks – and up to 12 weeks in some cases! Sidco is operating at a 5 day lead time ARO for over 95% of Sidco products.

Concern: “It is a challenge to go through the process of approving a new part.”

Response: Sidco has a system to make it easy to qualify new parts. All Sidco quotes include the dimensions and specifications of the filter. We can even provide technical drawings to give your customer full assurance that their new replacement filter is manufactured to the same specifications as their old filter.

Concern: “Lower prices eat into my commissions.”

Response: Lower costs present the opportunity to improve your internal margins or use lower prices to win more business. Most distributors or resellers will split the savings with their customers, and both parties win! Passing the savings on to your customers will build brand loyalty and ensure future business!

Get your customers on board with shorter lead times, increased performance, and more time between changeouts! Sidco’s replacements are competitively priced American-made filters that have the shortest lead times in the industry. This directly translates into cost savings and increased profit margins for you.

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