5 Reasons to Have a Preventative Maintenance Plan

A Comprehensive PM Plan Includes Filters.

Help your customers increase productivity and reduce operating costs by developing and adhering to a Preventative Maintenance Plan that includes filters from Sidco. We will work with you to automate filter replacement shipments as part of your customer’s PM plan!

1. Avoid Costly Plant Shutdowns

Staying prepared for changeouts helps avoid plant shutdowns and saves money lost due to downtime.

2. Prevent Equipment Failures

Sticking to a plan to change out filters before they are loaded or become blinded off will protect and extend the life of industrial equipment, saving on costs. 

3. Reduce Energy Consumption

Regularly replacing filters reduces energy consumption and keeps equipment running smoothly with cleaner air streams, resulting in lower utility bills.

4. Eliminate Rush and Expedite Fees

Reduce the need for rush fees and expedited shipping by ordering in advance or having an extra filter ready to be installed.

5. Save on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Decrease your carbon footprint, reduce energy bills due to equipment working more efficiently, and circumvent downtime.

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