4 Meaningful Ways to Reach Customers When You Can’t Visit

4 Meaningful Ways to Reach Customers When You Can’t Visit.

We want to help you maintain and build relationships with your customers, even during these challenging economic times. The Sidco Sales Team has the tools and knowledge to help you service and increase sales with your customer base!

1. Get Face to Face with your Customers.

Video meetings are an effective way to stay connected and build good relationships with your customers. Schedule zoom luncheons or an afternoon chat with customers to discuss a variety of different topics like ways to save money, how to get equipment working more effectively, or even just to get to know your customers better! Getting face time with your customers will increase your sales and strengthen relationships.

2. Go on a Virtual Facility Tour.

Ask your customer to do a virtual tour where they walk through their facility with you on Zoom. Doing so allows both of you to have a real-time conversation about what is happening in their facility. You may also be able to identify other pieces of equipment that you could also supply with replacement filters!

3. Conduct a Product Assessment.

A thorough product assessment can increase sales revenue, order frequency, and nurture relationships with existing customers. You will gain valuable insight into how and why your customer uses your product. With this information, you can suggest improvements, sell additional products, and even get recurring orders by helping them set up a Preventative Maintenance Plan!

4. Utilize Social Media.

A well-run social media account is a window into your company, building trust with existing customers and an opportunity to gain new customers!
An active social media channel can be an information powerhouse! Gathering information from like, comments, and user engagement provides insight into your customer’s preferences and feelings towards your company and products.


Want to try some of these, but aren’t sure how?
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