6 Reasons Why You’re a Genius to Use Sidco’s Replacement Filters.


6 Reasons Why You’re a Genius to Use Sidco’s Replacement Filters.

Our goal at Sidco is to support your ability to grow your filtration sales, increase your margins, and maintain a strong supply chain. So, here are six reasons why you should never waste money on an OEM brand replacement again.

1. Get the best quality replacement filter from Sidco Filter.

A Sidco replacement filter is considered an upgrade because we use heavy-duty, high-quality materials for construction. Our filters are built to perform as well as the OEM, if not better! Click here to read more about our materials and manufacturing capabilities.

2. Improve equipment lifespan and performance with high-quality replacement filters.

Most OEMs specialize in the manufacturing of equipment, not filters.  Ordering a replacement filter from a company that specializes in filtration guarantees a replacement that lasts longer because it is superior in construction to the OEM. Connect with the sales team to learn about upgrading replacement filters!

3.Maximize your filter’s performance.

Sidco can customize or upgrade your OEM filter to maximize performance and extend the life of your equipment. From adding more filter media or using heavier materials for construction, we will make any adjustments needed to be sure your filter is at maximum efficiency. Connect with the sales team to upgrade your OEM replacement!

4. Get fast response times.

If you are tired of the big Corporate OEM runaround. We will be a breath of fresh air. Sidco’s sales team strives to respond to quote requests within 24 hours. Most of the time it is within minutes!  When you call Sidco, a live person in our office answers the phone! Submit a quote request

5. Get faster lead time.

Stock replacements can ship within 24 hours while most standard made-to-order filters can ship in just one week. Our filters are made from start to finish right here in America, so we can easily make and ship that filter that your customer is hot to get.

If you are noticing lagging deliveries, inconsistent performance, or spikes in pricing, then it is time for you to look at other supplier options, like Sidco, to secure a strong supply chain for your customers. Find out if your items are in stock!

6. Save time and money.

find replacement filters for over 3 dozen OEMs from one supplier.  We have spent over two decades developing our cross-reference database and verifying OEM crosses to save you time and money when searching for OEM replacements. Find your OEM replacement filter here!

Get your customers on board with shorter lead times, increased performance, and more time between changeouts! Sidco’s replacements are competitively priced American-made filters that have the shortest lead times in the industry. This directly translates into cost savings and increased profit margins for you. Schedule a training session to learn how to sell non-OEM replacements!

Click here to email our sales team or call us at 585-289-3100. 

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