Top 4 Ways to Know it’s Time to Change Your Filters

by Aug 23, 2022Added Value Services, Preventative Maintenance

Regularly changing filters will keep your equipment protected, running efficiently, and will provide cleaner air.

Here are Mark Morrone’s top four indicators that your filters need to be replaced.


1. Change in Pressure.

A pressure drop often indicates that a filter is losing efficiency due to use, wear, or loading of particulate. It is likely time to put a new filter into service.

2. Visual Changes.

Take a look at your filter. Does it have heavy loading of particulate or debris? How about a color change of the media? Can you see holes in the filter media or voids in the seal? Is there moisture built up in the filter? Answering yes to any of these means it is time to replace your filter.

3. Downstream Contamination.

Noticing contaminants downstream could mean your filter is no longer sealing properly and allowing bypass. Another cause can be loaded media which is shedding particulate.

Either way that means it is time to change out your filter!

4. Time Has Passed.

It is important to remember that filters are consumable goods that suffer wear and tear over time.

While service intervals depend on the application and amount of use, we recommend replacing filters that have been in service for over 12 months to prevent equipment failures or production shutdowns.

The Sidco Sales Team is available to assist you with setting up recurring filter orders to keep your PM plans on schedule!

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